Tuesday, June 6, 2017

HOW TO add information and new locations to the interactive Route 66 map

So let's get started. The MAP with the locations is online and ready to be viewed, but we are still missing all the information that make an interactive travel guide out of the map published.
The link in your email will get you to this page. Before you click the edit button, please read the following information.
As an editor you can change the map by either adding or deleting something. 

Please do NOT change the name of the map or the description and when deleting only your own information. Please NEVER delete any posting from someone else. 

Please do NOT add any additional layers - there will be only one layer for every State Route 66 passes through.

If you have any questions or if you are not sure about something, please leave a comment in the Route 66 Travelers Community in the category "Interactive MAP discussions".

Clicking the editing button will open a map you can edit, a map you can add your own information
The layers - a total of 8 - are named after the States Route 66 crosses, starting with Illinois and up to the End of the Trail in Santa Monica.

To add a new location, place or business to the map, please click on the name of the State to which you would like to add something. On the left hand side of the map a continuous blue bar or line is shown, as you can see on the example below - I want to add a location to the State of New Mexico.

Type in the name of the location or place you are looking for into the search field. 
Select the place or location to be added to the map and click on + Add to the map (as shown on the above example). The place is added to the map, but I want to add my own personalized data into the field as shown below.

After you added your personalized information, do not forget to save it.
Select color and style for your icon - that is going to be shown on the map. If your icon is not among
those shown on the pop-up window, please click on More icons
When added any personal information, please change at least the color of the icon, so any visitor immediately will see, that something might be different with this icon. Once you add photos on the existing locations on Route 66, please change the icon at least into a camera and you may select also another color. 

To select a fitting icon for the place you would like to add, move the mouse over the icons slowly
to see what each icon stands for an make it for you easier to select the one that fits the place best.
By clicking the camera icon, you may add pictures or videos as shown above. 

The new location is added at the end of the list for the state, and on the map.

If you still have any questions, please leave a message at this blog post or send me email to
rt66travelers@gmail.com ... I will do my best to help asap.

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