Sunday, June 4, 2017

Route 66 from Chicago to LA - first interactive map on the Mother Road

Your help is needed

Some time ago I started to put together a list of all locations on Route 66 between Chicago and LA, and add them all onto an interactive map, which hopefully is available offline, too. What you see, when you click on the above map is just the beginning. Personalized information should now be added by you. Authors, historian, photographers, business owners, tourist offices can add any relevant information or link to their work on their own blogs and websites, to albums, collections or communities, thus allowing rookies to find all the relevant information on a certain place, along a certain stretch.

Some impressions from Route 66 between Amarillo and Santa Monica
the part of the road I've been driving, so far

This map will be the answer to what I anticipated at the first "European Route 66 Festival", back in summer 2016: an interactive map with all relevant information on a place just one click away and the complete stretch at a glance with all the locations. Clicking on a location should give you details to all relevant information of that place: history, lodging, dining, what to see and what to do, interesting people, where to get more information once there.

This map should form a link between experts and rookies, thus helping rookies to learn more about Route 66 and its history, find their places of interest, where to stay or dine, what to do and where to go, whom to meet.

A Route 66 trip should never be measured in Miles, but in friends you meet along the road.

Experts and rookies alike can discuss in Route 66 communities, such as the Route 66 Travelers community I own and manage here on Google+, but in any other Route 66 Community, too.

Click the above link to join my #Route66Travelers community.

The map started is a public map and will always be view-able to everyone.

If you are interested in adding personalized information to the map by yourself, please send me a private message with your email-address, your name and Google+ ID, and I will send you the respective link to be able to edit the map and add relevant information.

Please apply for self editing the map only if you already have experience with GoogleMaps.

If you want me to add your information, of course giving you credit on all information received, please send content, links, photos, videos or whatever it might be to the following eMail-address:

It took me quite a while to find the best method for this project. "Google MyMaps" offered the best solution and I hope many of the Route 66 experts, whether they already are here on Google or join G+ for this purpose will participate in completing the map together.

If you add the information by yourself, please read the following article before starting:
HOW TO add information and new locations to the interactive Route 66 map

You might share this map with all your friends who might be interested and other communities about Route 66.

#ThatsAPlus for contributors, as they are going to be mentioned in a special collection on the
Route 66 Travelers's Page under the name of First Interactive Route 66 Map where tribute is paid to all contributors to this very first such map.

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