Thursday, June 1, 2017

Separate Ways, Language Changed - now English

2 Waldkraiburger on Tour and TimeTraveler 911
separated in two different blogs and language changed to English.

TimeTraveler 911's Logo on virtual tour (online)
TimeTraveler 911 on Tour does not fit the content of this blog anymore. For the last 10 years, I haven't been on tour - in real life - on my own, but always with my partner and the name of TimeTraveler 911 refers only to me.

Last fall my new blog that would fit our traveling articles and reviews was born under the name 2 Waldkraiburger on Tour . Waldkraiburg is the town we live in Bavaria. While the travel stories, photos and movies we brought back with us and the reviews we created are going to be shown on 2 Waldkraiburger on Tour blog, the planning of our journeys, the itineraries, maps and all information on the places we are going to visit, will continue in the TimeTraveler 911 blog. The language of this blog is going to be English, while German will prevail in the 2 Waldkraiburger on Tour blog, while I still might publish here some interesting travel stories in English language, too. If so a link will be used to connect the two languages.

My online identity, however, will continue to be the  TimeTraveler 911 on different brand account pages, all having TimeTraveler 911 in their name, as shown on the left hand side image.

The German blog articles on this blog, will not be removed.
New articles on travel planning, getting information on locations and places, you may find in this blog and I hope to find many people to support and help me get on with my travel plans.

I will keep the domain but it's going to be reorganized insofar, that it will be switched over to a Google+ website or maybe to this blog.

Within the last few days I made a decision of using different Google+ components in order to have my website, blogs, travel maps and everything related to travel stories and planning our journeys from scratch to a complete itinerary and later the stories, photos and videos on one single platform - Google+.

I put all my trust in Google+ and I really hope not to get disappointed again because of technical problems, as it was the case with the provider of my web server. What I want and hope to get here:

Creativity First!

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