Saturday, September 16, 2017

The route driven as taken from my Google+ Timeline

Driving Route 66 from Chicago to Amarillo
Route 66 between Amarillo and Santa Monica
No, Scotty did not beam us from Williams to Barstow. Something must have happened with the GPS Data between those two locations. Onto my private timeline I can see over 70 photos taken on at least 6 different locations between those two points. It also says something like driving time between the two places 31+ hours, what is actually impossible. I tried to get the photos manually onto their correct locations, but it wouldn't work either.

Have reported it to Google. Let's hope I can add the missing data - glad I still have taken many notes on paper.
The first part of our way back from Santa Monica went up to Cedaredge in Colorado
After the Rocky Mountains were behind us, we had to hurry back to Chicago, to make it in time.
Long distancies and hours to just drive, but we got back on Route 66 in Lincoln
and went up to Joliet, before we finally drove back to the airport
31 days on the road, driving a total of 6,238 Miles (10.039 km) through 11 US-States.
We stayed in 28 hotels of different categories, some of them historical, have seen hundreds of locations and wonderful landscapes and met lots of friends, some of them we already knew, but we made many more friends - as Gary Turner would say - friends for life.

My RoadBook shows almost 50 more entries of friends we met along the road and with whom we talked and talked and always forgot about the time. That was the main reason, why we had to take the Interstate, but even though we did not always get to the hotels before it got dark.
A rough overview of the whole distance we've been driving on our journey.
Many of the sections of our itinerary on Roue 66 show the Interstate.
We did not drive it, just had to make a few exceptions.
The exact itinerary is on the previous maps taken from my timeline on Google+
The export into a KML-files and the import into an new map, did not function perfectly. In order to get the map with all information as I intended from the very beginning, I created a new map, which I'm going to feed manually with locations, photos and data I have on the private timeline. For now the map is going to be only in German. Once completed in German I will create a copy of it and translate the German content into English and also link to the respective English articles in this blog.

Why German first?
There's so much information on Route 66 in English language on the web, and also maps about the Mother Road. With my personal travel blog I want to reach out for the German audience, who are not so lucky with German information on Route 66. Although there are a few good pages, there's still missing a lot.

In this blog there's going to be articles for all the locations we visited, all the friends we met and businesses we've been to. All locations are pinned onto a map like the one below. Clicking on any pin will reveal more information on the place and also link back to the explanatory article in this blog.

This map was created for all Route Route 66 Travelers and it will finally include all the locations and attraction along the way with some explanatory text and links with even more details.

For the German version please click the link below:

German Route 66 Map

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