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Jo Ann Kargus - Artist and Illustrator

Jo Ann Kargus - Whitesitt Kargus Studio - Cell 314-277-8099
"I have been an illustrator in St. Louis since 1985, but I have drawn my whole life."
With Tully, one of the new owners
at Gemini Giant in Wilmington, IL
They are selling Jo Ann's book and
Route 66 Gemini Giant fine art print
Jo Ann Kargus has been an artist and illustrator in St. Louis for 34 years.  In 2017, she published a book of 50 drawings of landmarks along The Mother Road "Route 66 Splendor". It is an adult coloring book, but can also be enjoyed as an art book. She has also created several fine art prints of Route 66 landmarks.

Q: What do you do?
A: I am an artist and illustrator. I shoot photos too, but they are mostly used as reference for my art and paintings. 

Q: Tell me a little about your first contact with Route 66.
A: I have several 'first contact' memories with Rt 66, both are early 1965-66. In the city of St. Louis, for a special treat, my family would stop and   get  donuts at the Donut Drive-Inn on Chippewa (where rt66 goes through the city). Another memory from family driving trips is stopping at Jensens Point in Pacific, Missouri and climbing all those stone steps to the top of the lookout for a beautiful view.

Q: What's your reason to stick with it to date?  

With Jerry McClanahan
(Route 66 EZ Guide author)
at Joliet Miles of Possibility
Conference 2017
A:   I have loved the nostalgia for a slower pace of life, 'mom and pop shops', and the feel of vintage Route 66. Also, very scenic sights.

I have driven the Mother Road more again recently to photograph landmarks to draw from for my book "Route 66 Splendor". I have drawn 50 landmarks in pen & ink from Chicago to LA.

Q: What do you like most about Route 66: a location, a person, a book, a place, a landmark ... What is it that still keeps you on the Mother Road? 
A:   I like the unique places along Rt 66. I enjoyed taking photos that i used as reference for the drawings in my book "Route 66 Splendor"--50 landmarks in pen & ink state by state along the Route.... and i LOVE the old and new signs!

Q: Do you have any inspirational quote or slogan that describes either you or what you do? 
A:   I find myself humming Nat King Cole's song "Route 66" in my head--- all the time ;)
With Jim Hinckley, famous Route 66 author
on Route 66 in St. Louis, MO

Q: Anything else that comes to your mind, that you would like to share with other Route 66 Travelers from around the world. Anything special for the German audience? 
A:   I was one of 3 artists from St. Louis who painted the Al West mural in Cuba, Missouri about 10 years ago. That was an awesome project. I am ready to paint another mural!!

Jo Ann Kargus - website 

JO ANN KARGUSRendering – Illustration – Fine Art
(her website with all her art, including her 3 books)

Social Media Channels:

Facebook: The Art of Jo Ann Faust Kargus   Jo Ann's business page with her current work and book events. Please like it.

Reedy Press: her publishers website where you can order her coloring books.
With Elvis at Polka Dot Drive In
in Braidwood, IL

Amazon link to her Route 66 Book.

November 15, 2017 - from her FB posting
Massive warehouse fire in St. Louis ... (click to read article)
DO NOT ORDER FROM MY WEBSITE, all inventory is gone 
Will keep you posted. Please follow the blog article.

A note from the author:
Her books are still available at locations along the Route until they sell out. Reed Press (her publisher) is planning to reprint her books, so they may be available at these locations, as well as on Amazon, for roadies in 2018.

November 27, 2017
Just got the following information from Jo Ann:

Good news: my Publisher is reprinting my books in the first group , so "Route 66 Splendor" will be available at shops along Rt66 and online in Jan. 2018 🙂

December 10, 2017
Even better news: the reprint of Jo Anns books has started

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