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Promoting you and your activities on Route 66

promoting Route 66 People 

If you are an artist, blogger, author, if you create videos, are a business owner or just a vivid enthusiast of Route 66, and you would like to have your work or business promoted, you should continue reading.
You are interested in being promoted on TimeTraveler911 (English travel blog) and Route 66 Travelers (German special blog for Route 66 People) with a profile page, please answer the questions below and send them back to as soon as possible.

To get an idea of my Google+ activities and the followers that will also promote information on you and your work or business you may want to have a look at the following profile pages: Geri Linda Metterle and Route 66 Travelers  ...

On my profile page there is a collection about Route 66 Interviews. There's a posting for every single interviewed person. In the posting you'll find links to the English and German profile pages with additional information and links to your own websites, blogs and social media channels.

With the above collections you get an overview of the categories created so far.
These collections are shared with my profile page that has about 15,000 followers, as well as with the Route 66 Travelers Community with 740 members as per December 2017.

Collage of ArtyPix of Route 66

The questions marked with * are required.

Questions for your profile page
  1. Name - either real name or the name people know you on Route 66*
  2. Where do you live?*
  3. Where are you from?
  4. What do you do? Are you an author, blogger, business owner, musician, an enthusiast (you can add as many information as you would like to be published about what you are doing)*
  5. Tell me a little about your first contact with Route 66 - where, when, who ... *
  6. What's your reason to stick with it to date?*
  7. What fascinates you, what do you like most about Route 66: a location, a person, a book, a place, a landmark ... What is it that still keeps you on the Mother Road?
  8. Do you have any inspirational quote or slogan that describes either you or what you do? 
  9. Anything else that comes to your mind, that you would like to share with other Route 66 Travelers from around the world. Anything special for the German audience?
  10. List all your websites and social media channels that you would like me to show on your profile page. If you want me to promote your website, books, artwork, music, business, blogs … please add the respective link with a short description of at least 10 words. Please add at least one link to be able to link my followers to your website.
  11. For the featured photo on the profile page I would like you to send me a good photograph showing your face. Then it would be great to have another or several pictures showing your activities on Route 66. Also a short video max. 1 minute in length, showing your business, artwork, music, photographs, books or whatever you have created that has to deal with Route 66 would be OK*

Locations along Route 66

Based on the answers you'll send me, a profile page with your name on the title is going to be created on this blog, and a German version on the Route 66 Travelers' blog. Your profile page is going to be shared on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and on a special board on Pinterest and a special collection with your profile pages from this blog are going to be featured in a Google+ collection Route 66 People.

For those people I met in person so far, an additional article on my German travel blog, Zwei Waldkraiburger on Tour is going to be created and shared with a large German speaking audience.

With this action I would like to start promoting Route 66 - the Route 66 Family - specially on Google+ where the audience is completely different from other Social Media Channels. I found some of you on Google+ but with very little up to no followers and very little activity, which I would like to change to the extent of my possibilities and open you some doors to a different audience than what you know from Facebook and other Social Media Platforms. Although some of my contacts are identical on all Social Media Channels, there's still a large number of completely different contacts.

Your profile pages are going to be shared on my Google+ profile pages (Geri Linda Metterle and Route 66 Travelers), to my subject relevant collections and communities.

For more information click on any of the profiles or pages on the right hand side of your screen. For
the Collections I created and Communities I created and manage, please go to the end of this article.

Some of my collections and communities are featured on Google+, and the English Route 66 Travelers Community is one of the largest on Google+ (although the Facebook group is a lot larger to date - which I would like to change with your help). All my profiles and pages have custom URLs, thus can be found easier by search engines.

endless roads, the feeling of endless freedom, wide open areas . . .
Looking forward to receiving many answers from you, to can start promoting you and your work or business of Route 66 also on Google+. Many of you are in my English Facebook group Route 66 Travelers. I would love to see you all here on Google+ with more possibilities to get promoted your artwork, books, photography, businesses and get in contact with new people you've never seen or met on other Social Media Channels.

Collections I created on my Google+ Profile Pages

Geri Linda Metterle (main profile)

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