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Keeping the Mother Road alive

Profile Promotion Channels

TimeTraveler911 … - English BLOG - with an English profile page
Route 66 Travelers - German BLOG - with a German profile page

People, businesses and associations are presented with a profile page based on a short interview, which also includes some photos of you and your activities, details to your website, blog and any other Social Media Channels.

To qualify for being included with your profile on the German and English blog, please answer the following

Interview Questions

* Name: either your real name or the name people know you on Route 66.

* Where do you live?

Where are you from?

* What do you do? Are you an author, blogger, business owner, musician, an enthusiast (you can add as many information as you would like to be published about what you are doing, more information might qualify you for more than one category)

* Tell me a little about your first contact with Route 66 - where, when, what was your first impression?

* What's your reason to stick with the Mother Road to date?

What fascinates you, what do you like most about Route 66: a location, a person, a book, a place, a landmark?

Do you have any inspirational quote or slogan that describes either you or what you do best?

Anything else that comes to your mind, that you would like to share with other Route 66 Travelers from around the world. Anything special for the German audience?

List all your websites and social media channels that you would like me to show on your profile page. If you want me to promote your website, books, artwork, music, business, blogs … please add the respective link with a short description. Please add at least one link to be able to GUIDE my followers to your website.

* For the featured photo on the profile page I would like you to send me a good photograph showing your face. It would also be great to have another or several pictures showing your activities on Route 66, maybe a short video max. 1 minute in length, showing your business, artwork, music, photographs, books or whatever you have created that has to deal with Route 66.

The questions marked with * are required.

Based on the answers, a profile page with your name on the title is going to be created and also translated into German.

Once a profile is published it will be shared as shown below:

Sharing the profile pages 

on Google+:

Profile Pages

Route 66 Travelers - for both, E and G audience
usa Southwest Travelers
Geri Linda Metterle


Route Travelers (E)


with a short entry and link to the English + German Profile page on the respective blog

Route 66 Authors
Route 66 Artists
Route 66 Motels
Route 66 Diners
Route 66 Businesses (other than motels and diners)
Route 66 Enthusiasts
Route 66 Associations (Organizations)
Route 66 Interactive Maps

Route 66 Interviews

on Twitter  - with the Hashtag #Route66Travelers & #Route66Promoted 

on Pinterest - with a special board Interviews with Route 66 People
with a German and an English section for
- Interviews deutsch (G)
- Interwiews english (E)

on Facebook
- Route 66 Travelers Page
- Route 66 Travelers Group (E)

Connected with this blog is the below map with the locations and attractions - at least as many as I could find so far, many of them already linked to additional information on the web.

Promoting Photographic Work from the Mother Road

Show us your best photos from Route 66

To be eligible for one of our Best of ... Collections, please follow a few simple rules, to signalize your willingness to participate and for us to make it easier to find your photographs:
  • post your photos publicly 
  • add the US State and location with a short description 
  • add the hashtag #Route66Travelers 
  • share it with:
  • Geri Linda Metterle  -
  • Route 66 Travelers  -
To make your sharing easier you may want to copy and paste the codes and hashtags from the CopyCodes doc (please click the link)

Following a listing of the Best of ... Collections created

Best of Illinois Route 66 #IllinoisRoute66
Best of Missouri Route 66 #MissouriRoute66
Best of Kansas Route 66 #KansasRoute66
Best of Oklahoma Route 66 #OklahomaRoute66
Best of Texas Route 66 #TexasRoute66
Best of New Mexico Route 66 #NewMexicoRoute66
Best of Arizona Route 66 #ArizonaRoute66
Best of California Route 66 #CaliforniaRoute66

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