TimeTraveler 911

I'm not too short, he's too tall...
My very first steps online where as TimeTraveler, but initially it was the British version and the year of my birth was added. It was changed to the US-English version after my first contact with California back in 1998 and the 911 was added after my USA trip, a few weeks after September 11.

It all began back in October 2001. My adventure started on the 4th, only a few weeks after the September 11 events. That was the time when every day another airline grounded their planes. So did the airline that should have brought me to Zurich. At the airport I was told, that if I can make it in time to Zurich, I can continue my flight to Albuquerque. Of course that was impossible, so I had to cancel both flights and was looking for another possibility to get to Albuquerque - my first destination in the US. Within less than an hour I got a new ticket via Belgium (which I had to pay again) and arrived in ABQ only about one hour later than with my initially booked flight.

How to get back to Germany about 3 weeks later? To care about this was way too early. So many things could change in this period of time.

And then my adventure started. Once I got on American ground I realized the computers at the airport randomly selected a certain number of passengers, which had to align separately from the others, that were boarding. The hand baggage of the selected passengers was thoroughly checked again - you had to put it all separately on a table, all cameras had to be switched on and off and sometimes they would even ask me to take a picture of the ground in front of my feet.

The computers must have had a tiny little program segment that selected all passengers that have the number 9 and 1 somewhere in their passport. My BD is November 9, which in German would be written as 9.11, going conform with the September 11 in English as 911. Luck had always been on my side ...

Two days later than planned I finally got back with many adventures in my backpack. My luggage, however, came 4 days later. It took me more than 30 hours to get from Burbank in California to Munich in Bavaria, and I had to change planes 4 times. I started in Burbank then continued to Phoenix, Albuquerque, Chicago, Belgium and finally arrived in Munich. It was my biggest adventure all alone almost around the world.

After this adventurous journey, the 911 was added to the TimeTraveler and TimeTraveler 911 was born, but not really used online. In Social Media channels as known today it didn't exist until many years later. I own the domain TimeTraveler911.com but I think it's not fair to use it for travel stories with my partner, as it is only related to my person. In fall 2016 I started a new blog that fits it more - 2 Waldkraiburger on Tour - which will be used for our travel related stuff. The language of the TT911 blog was changed into English and the blog will be used for my travel related online activities, which are related to the genuine TimeTraveler 911.

There can be only one!